Ole Larsen and Jørgen Lund

The design­er duo Ole Larsen and Jør­gen Lund


Ole Larsen (1945-)

Ole Hen­ning Larsen com­plet­ed his degree from the Dan­ish School of Design in 1969. He then went on to work for the archi­tect Ole Hagen. Since 1969 he has formed a pro­fes­sion­al part­ner­ship with fel­low design­er Jør­gen Lund and the two have designed a strong col­lec­tion of sleek and func­tion­al fur­ni­ture, main­ly in leather and steel, pro­duced by bo-ex. Ole Larsen has been a part­ner at Ole Hagen Archi­tects A/S for 43 years and is now the CEO. He is behind a long string of design projects for clients such as Carls­berg, Coca Cola, OJD Trad­ing, Kar­berghus A/S, Sino, Danske Bank and Klar­lund  A/S.

Jørgen Lund (1946-)

Jør­gen Hem­mert Lund stud­ied at the School for Inte­ri­or Design in Copen­hagen. After com­plet­ing his degree in 1969, he — along with Ole Larsen — start­ed work­ing for the archi­tect Ole Hagen. As well as work­ing on a great num­ber of pres­ti­gious projects for Ole Hagen Archi­tects, he and Ole Larsen are the design­ers behind some of bo-ex’s most time­less clas­sics. Jør­gen Lund has been a part­ner at Ole Hagen Archi­tects A/S for 43 years where he is the design man­ag­er on projects for OJD Trad­ing, Kar­berghus A/S, Danske Bank, Bru­uns Bazaar, Dan­i­ca Prop­er­ties, KTS, SDC, pri­vate vil­las — among others.